How to Hide Status and Notification Bar in Android Devices

This app is designed for devices running Android phone version. This app uses Accessibility services. Smart Statusbar is the first and only Status bar enabler in full screen app. You can now reveal status bar in any Full screen app with gesture. Imagine you are watching movie and you want to know what time it is, with Smart Statusbar you can do a finger swipe as you were trying to expand How to Remove Any System Icon from Status Bar in Android This is obviously not possible to add an extra display but you can remove some system icons from your status bar and it will eventually create more space for you in the status bar of your Android mobile, where you can find more notifications. Remove Any System Icon from Status Bar in Android. This is very easy. Hide System Bar (Full Screen) for Android - APK Download Aug 19, 2014

(And quite right! It would be crazy for stock Android to let one app take over the whole system.) The SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_HIDE_NAVIGATION is a new flag that requests the navigation bar hide completely. Be aware that this works only for the navigation bar used by some handsets (it does not hide the system bar …

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In Android 3.0, the status bar houses the BACK and HOME buttons, so the status bar needs to be always available. – CommonsWare Mar 25 '11 at 11:25 I have just managed to hide both the title and status bar on the emulator with 3.0, API level 11. – erdomester Nov 2 '12 at 20:09 Hide the status bar | Android Developers Dec 27, 2019 How to Hide Icons in Android’s Status Bar Aug 08, 2017