Jan 07, 2020 · Anonymous In 2003, a group by the name Anonymous caught the attention of global media and became a widely known phenomenon. It is a secret collective, and without apparent real coordination, that fights for social justice. Anonymous is know for cyber attacks against the web pages or systems of institutions or people who he considers are

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A brief history of Anonymous outing the wrong person Mar 01, 2020

Aug 29, 2017 · Anonymous is a decentralized group of unknown international activist hackers. Members of the group are usually known to wear the Guy Fawkes mask to obscure their identity. [1] While the group has no specific goals, there is an overarching desire to combat Internet censorship, promote freedom of speech, and frustrate authoritarian governments.

Harry Halpin: The Philosophy of Anonymous / Radical Philosophy One of the most famous hackers of Anonymous and Lulzsec, Kayla, claimed to be a 16-year old girl but was instead a 25-year old unemployed ex-army veteran from South Yorkshire – and one of the core arrests of Lulzsec, Tflow, was a 16-year old in London who was one of the more talented hackers in the group. The group is also multiracial. Hacktivism 101: A Brief History and Timeline of Notable 2011 was a big year for hacktivists, being the year that held the most hacktivist-related incidents in history. It was during this period that groups like Anonymous seemed invincible, and it was also then that its members went on to form LulzSec. Anonymous Group Of Hackers News: Latest News and Updates Jun 02, 2020 11 Ongoing Anonymous Operations You Must Know About