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nsis - Macro: Register::DLL | nsis Tutorial nsis documentation: Macro: Register::DLL Topic: How to execute a PowerShell script using NSIS Aug 29, 2016 LGP Startup/Shutdown Script - NSIS UNSTABLE RELEASE: This release is in development and should not be used in a production environment.

Jul 10, 2020

NSIS does have detection macros for ARM64 in the x86 version (in x64.nsh): !include x64.nsh Function .onInit ${IfNot} ${IsNativeARM64} MessageBox MB_ICONSTOP " ARM64 version blah blah! " Quit ${EndIf} SetRegView 64 FunctionEnd Advanced Uninstall Log NSIS Header - NSIS

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Jan 11, 2018 Windows 10 build Error (NSIS) · Issue #1850 · electron yes there is a nsis-resources dir. result of the command. Folder PATH listing Volume serial number is 000000E2 6097:E780 C:. ├───nsis │ └───nsis- │ │ .DS_Store │ │ COPYING │ │ elevate.exe │ │ makensis.exe │ │ NSIS.exe │ │ nsisconf.nsh │ │ version.txt │ … Going from a 32-Bit installer to a 64-Bit installer - NSIS pgg1 5th January 2009 13:26 UTC. Going from a 32-Bit installer to a 64-Bit installer Hi Everyone, I have an installer that installs correctly to 32-Bit machines.