Find instructions on how to activate and set up your Apple iPad and ipad mini, including how to back up contacts and media, and how to get a new SIM card. Apple® Article - Create an Apple ID without a Payment Method

Global Nav Open Menu Global Nav Close Menu; Apple; Shopping Bag +. Search Support How to use an iPad: Complete beginner's guide - Macworld UK Set up your iPad. If you've got a brand-new iPad (or one you've inherited from someone else) then you'll need to set it up. This includes connecting to a Wi-Fi network, entering or creating an Use Apple Pencil with your iPad or iPad Pro - Apple Support Jul 01, 2020

Dec 26, 2011 · The next step in the iPad Setup Instructions is to plug the cable that came in the box, into the side slot on your iPad. Then plug the other end, into a USB slot in your computer.

Apr 07, 2020 Required Setup Instructions: Apple iPad 2

Cisco WebEx Meetings for iPad and iPhone

Jul 18, 2020 · The Apple Pencil may be the easiest Bluetooth device to set up on your iPad. You don't need to go check your Bluetooth settings to pair the device. The first-generation Apple Pencil plugs into the iPad via a Lightning Adapter. The second-generation Apple Pencil attaches magnetically to the top of the iPad. Nov 02, 2012 · If you just got your new iPad mini or iPad 4, tore it out of its box, turned it on, and are wondering just what to do next, don't worry, iMore's here to help!Thanks to the introduction of iCloud whether this is your first iPad, or just the latest in a long line, it's easier than ever to set it up as a brand new iPad or restore it from a backup of your old iPad, and get going.