Jan 06, 2004

iChat Video Problems + Solutions, or Don’t Return Your New I love Apple’s iChat. Currently in version 4.0.2, and once known as iChat AV, this single, simple-looking program enables even novice users to quickly est I can’t connect to my network, what should I do If you do not see a blinking light on your network card, chances are the physical connection to the network may be the problem. Double check those cables. If you are in a room that has more than one network port, try connecting using a different port. If that … iChat (AIM) not connecting after Sec Upd 2007-002

If iChat is giving you connection headaches, the problem may not be in iChat - it could be the server port iChat is using. In many cases, simply changing the port fixes all kinds of issues, and it

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Since upgrading to 10.7, using a VPN with manually set split routing, iChat does not connect. I have a setup whereby I connect to work via (Cisco) VPN configuration. After connecting I modify the routing tables so that only the required traffic goes via the vpn tunnel; the default route is …

To ensure that you are connecting over the UGS Jabber server, it is not a bad idea to disable Bonjour in iChat: Open the iChat application. On the main menu bar bar at the top of your screen, go under "iChat" to "Preferences." Click on the "Accounts" tab. Click on "Bonjour" … Google Answers: Router Firewall Settings, MAC iChat Jan 06, 2004 #9305 (Incorrect font when connecting to iChat over AIM