Better Security. The L2TP protocol is more secure than PPTP as it doesn’t have any major security vulnerabilities. It uses the IPSec suite to provide end-to-end encryption, data origin authentication, replay protection, as well as data integrity.. Since L2TP doesn’t have any encryption or authentication capabilities (both are key features of VPNs) on its own, IPSec VPN is often paired with it.

PPTP vpn ports I knew that Cisco IPSEC IP port are IP protocol 50 (for ESP) and UDP/500 (for ISAKMP) and if doing NAT-T then it uses UDP/4500 and AH then it uses IP protocol 51.My big question is what is the port involved on Microsoft PPTP connection back to Cisco PIX VPN. What ports do I need to open to permit VPN traffic ? :: SG FAQ PPTP also uses IP protocol 47 for tunneling data (for "General Routing Encapsulation" or GRE packets). For L2TP/IPSEC VPN connections, you need to open UDP port 500 for Internet Key Exchange (IKE) traffic, UDP port 4500 (IPsec control path) and UDP port 1701 for … How to check if you can connect using PPTP on Windows - ibVPN

May 03, 2018

Nov 02, 2019 l2tp - Windows VPN client - how to make it connect to a Unfortunately, Windows VPN Client is not capable of changing the target TCP port of VPN connection. I would recommend you to setup a second IP address on your CentOS box and assign different xl2tpd instances to different IP addresses instead of ports. Solved: How to allow PPTP/L2TP through ASA - Cisco Community

Apr 28, 2020

[SOLVED] PPTP VPN over pfSense problem - Networking Apr 16, 2015