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Tutorial How to Install VPN Server 2008 R2 - YouTube Jan 10, 2012 How to configure VPN access on SBS 2008 Solutions I would like to enable VPN access on SBS 2008 standard. When you go through the SBS interface to do this, it automatically configures network access protection (NAP). I wish to have no NAP, since the requirement for this business, is they can connect in, from any computer (that may not have a NAP client setup). Server 2008 R2 PPTP VPN With 1 Nic | The Sysadmins

Apr 08, 2008

windows sbs 2008 - VPN SBS2008 cannot connect - Server Fault I've got a SBS 2008 server that is setup and running great. Exchange works, fileserver everything a ok. VPN also runs but.. nobody is able to connect to it. The router is a WRT54G from Linksys. It has VPN passthrough enabled. Port 1179 is forwarded to the server. How to Setup VPN on Windows 10-step by step | TrainingTech Aug 26, 2015

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How to set up VPN in Server 2008 and Router Solutions I can connect to my vpn on pptpbut it doesnt give internet access or show other computers in my network i'm connecting to. It shows the server as being Any Ideas? Thanks in advance..if you need more info let me know i'll be glad to give it i apologize i put this under sbs its really Server 2008 How to Set up an L2TP/IPsec VPN Server on Windows