When you don’t have access to YouTube or your administrator has blocked it, web proxy websites and VPN would be the best solutions to unblock YouTube. Basically, education firms block websites like YouTube to avoid distraction, unproductively, or to preserve internet network bandwidth.

How to Unblock YouTube on Amazon Fire TVs - Bypass Google Moreover it does not let you login to your YouTube account. So you cannot search on YouTube or browse your favorites channels. Stremio instead is fine for channels but it’s a real time wasting because it shows you the initial screen with everything and then you have to browse to your favorites and then select the channels and then the channel you want to see. WhatsApp पर खुद को Unblock कैसे करें How To Unblock Jul 26, 2020 How to Unblock Someone on Facebook | Digital Trends Jun 11, 2019

But since the latest Android update for Nougat, all applications targeting API level 24 and above (YouTube is one of these applications) distrust certificates hosted in the user’s trust store. This means that the videos on the YouTube app will not play if we try to replace its security certificate with our own to remove ads.

How to Block Inappropriate Content on Youtube on Android

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