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Anywhere in Climate Zone 2 (the yellow area). 1. High humidity hot summer, warm winter 2. Warm humid summer, mild winter 3. Hot dry summer, mild to cool winter 4. Very hot dry summer, cool winter 5. Warm to hot dry summer, cool winter 6. Warm to h Where to go in Australia: Which is the best state for a BEST MAN-MADE ATTRACTION Melbourne Cricket Ground. Australia's national balladeer Paul Kelly even wrote a love song to it - the MCG, or the 'G as it's fondly called, is more than just a sports ground. How to Immigrate to Australia [Step-by-Step Guide But finding (and affording) a home in Australia can be harder than you think. Read: The 7 Best Places to Live in Australia. The cost of living in Australia is higher than in most other countries in the world. If you plan to live in the major cities of Sydney or Melbourne, you can expect to pay even more.

The nation’s capital is an affordable place to move to if you’re earning the big bucks like the majority of Canberra’s residents, who tend to work in professional jobs in politics and public service. With a median weekly income of $998, Canberrans earn about $300 a week more than the average Australian — which goes a long way even when things like housing and food are a little more

Living in Australia | Good Reasons to Move to Australia Australia is the perfect country for those who love to enjoy life but at the same time, want to live in an efficient and cutting-edge country. Known for its easy-going lifestyle, Australia combines the efficiency and rigor of northern European countries with the joie de vivre and attention to well-being that is typical of southern countries. 10 Best Places to Live in Australia - SmartTravel.Tips

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Nov 01, 2019 The 8 best places to live and work in Australia | Apr 27, 2020 Moving to Australia? Everything You Need to Know - Birdgehls Australia is sports mad and the city of Melbourne in particular is considered the sports capital of the country, with events such as the Australian Open and Formula 1 Grand Prix taking place there. The most popular sport in Australia is known as “Australian Rules” (or Aussie Rules).