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Subnet mask is a mask used to determine what subnet an IP address belongs to. An IP address has two components, the network address and the host address. For example, consider the IP address What is a Subnet mask? - AfterAcademy Subnet Mask A subnet mask is 32 bits numbers in which the series of 1’s represents the Network ID part and the Subnet ID part whereas the series of 0’s represents the Host ID part. So, in the above example of the Class C IP address, we represent all the network ID bits by 1. We have reserved 1 bit of the host ID to represent the Subnet ID. Subnetting and Subnet Mask Explained with examples and A subnet mask is the value for getting a network id from the Ip address. Subnetting creates two or more separate broadcast network, which reduces network load …

A subnet mask is again a number and what it does is define a range of IP addresses that a network can use. Subnet is short for sub-networks and these are normally local networks that connect to the Internet. A subnet mask will designate these sub-networks. Devices that are located on the same sub-network can communicate with each other.

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For subnetting to work, the router must be told which portion of the host ID should be used for the subnet network ID. This little sleight of hand is accomplished by using another 32-bit number, known as a subnet mask. Those IP address bits that represent the network ID are represented by a 1 in […]

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