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Clear Pitches iSpot Mobile Hotspot At Apple Fans - While In an effort to appeal to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners (like Sprint did with the Overdrive), Clear this morning announced their new iSpot, a bar-of-soap-looking new mobile hotspot Clear CLEAR is fast-as-you-want Internet at home. CLEAR is take-it-with-you Internet when you’re on the go. CLEAR is a 4G hot spot spanning your coverage area! The all new Clear modem with Wi-Fi includes a built-in wireless router, so you can access 4G speeds at home. No spending extra money on a router, no extra wires and no installation appointments. What is CLEAR ® and what can you do with it? Clear Spots® act as your own personal wi-fi hotspot that gets everything out of your data-loving device Connect with your laptop, netbook, mobile phone, smartphone or any other fancy wi-fi-enabled device you’d like CLEAR’s mobile USB modems let you enjoy

Feb 07, 2020

Clear WIXFMM-122 Hotspot 4G Mobile Internet Device - fast shipping - CLEAN. $29.99 +$3.99 shipping. Make Offer - Clear WIXFMM-122 Hotspot 4G Mobile Internet Device - fast shipping - CLEAN. 4x CLEAR SPOT VOYAGER WIRELESS HOTSPOT FOR FASTER MOBILE BROADBAND INTERNET. $45.00 … Clear 4G Internet | 2012 - Mobile Broadband Reviews To see if Clear 4G coverage is available in your city, see their interactive 4G coverage map here. If you are, then you’ll stand to benefit from taking a look at this year’s device lineup. Back To Top . Clear 4G Devices 1 Mobile Hotspot, 2 USB Modems & 2 “Hubs”.

Jul 03, 2020 · Because some mobile internet providers are better than others, the coverage you receive from any Wi-Fi hotspot can also vary. For example, 2.4GHz gives coverage at a more extended range but will transmit the data at a much slower speed.

Product description The CLEAR IFM-910CW Spot Voyager utilizes 802.11 b/g wireless standards that can support up to eight Wi-Fi enabled devices for fast and reliable Internet access. This amazing wireless access point includes advanced security protocols such as WEP, WPA, and WPA2 to prevent unauthorized use of your connection. Jul 25, 2011 · The New CLEAR Mobile Hotspot The CLEAR Spot 4G is a personal mobile hotspot allowing users to easily and securely share unlimited** super-fast Internet access, anywhere CLEAR has coverage,