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To view or delete watch history: Tap your profile picture Settings. Select Privacy & location Manage watch history. To delete videos you’ve watched, tap More above the video, then tap DELETE.

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Jun 29, 2020

Flip the option next to Pause watch history to turn on or off. Watch history settings are shared between YouTube and YouTube Music. If you pause your watch history while signed in to YouTube, it will also be paused on YouTube Music when signed in with the same account. Find out how to manage your watch history on YouTube. View or delete watch Clear All Watch History. Before you hit the Clear All button, you have to choose what type of history to delete. YouTube separates your watch history into five different categories. 1. Watch history. This displays all the videos you've watched. It also shows videos that you haven't watched in their entirety. In this video I have shown how to easily clear YouTube app watch and search history either for a single video watch or for entire videos. Even you can stop YouTube app to record your search history on the device. Is there any way to, say, delete only your watch history past a certain point in time? Say I wanted to delete everything that I watched a year ago and later, but there are literally thousands of watched videos past that point, so deleting by hand is implausible. YouTube has no options to recover deleted data, sorry. Gold Product Expert . gbcali. recommended this. That happend to me to my dad accidentaly pressed clear watch history now all my watched videos are gone and they keep popping on my recomended. Cancel Delete. This will remove the reply from the Answers section. Cancel Remove. YouTube organizes history in various categories like watch history, search history, comments, community, and live chat. Mouse over a video link or search term to delete your history individually. Click on Clear all watch history link to delete them in bulk. A prompt will appear overlaying the main screen to confirm your request.