Cara Upgrade TP-Link ke DD-WRT Dengan Mudah

Go to Administration > Firmware upgrade. 4. Browse to the MINI firware which you have previously downloaded, then press UPGRADE. (In case of upgrading the original Linksys firmware, you MUST upgrade to the mini version of DD-WRT first). UPGRADE MUST NOT BE INTERRUPTED so please don't turn off the power or press the reset button. For example, the dd-wrt firmware upgrade can completely change the usage of the router; the dd-wrt firmware project has been around, and has a lot of feedback about how well it works. Simple logic is this: DD-WRT firmware can make my router more powerful, and random third party firmware can potentially make my router less powerful, steal For DD-WRT build 9707 (June 14, 2008) or older, the default login/password is root/admin. Newer builds will ask to set a user and password upon first GUI connection. During install/upgrade How do I install DD-WRT firmware? Make sure you have a compatible router. Supported in DD-WRT since build: 36995. KONG builds may also be used. (K3-AC-ARM folder) Use the .chk file first and the webflash file to upgrade to a newer version of dd-wrt. See Where do I download firmware? for links to both Kong and regular brainslayer builds. (located in the Netgear R6700v3 folder for brainslayer builds).

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So I am already on a Kong build: Firmware: DD-WRT v3.0-r29440M kongac (04/19/16), whiich I did from the factory firmware for my R8000. I am confused as it says one can upgrade to another Kong build if using another version, by using a .bin file, but then instruction says to Reset your NETGEAR router to factory defaults first before flashing the Kong firmware. How to Reverto dd-wrt firmware to factory firmware - TP Dec 14, 2015